private equity consultant

“From my perspective, I've worked with a lot of CEO’s and Consultants over the years and [SITE_NAME} are gems. I've worked with INFINIUMINSIGHTS on two very different companies and was constantly amazed at the rapid turnaround and responsiveness to information and short implementation time dealing with various complex issues. INFINIUMINSIGHTS would be an asset to any organization!”



chairman at izone driver performance Ltd.

former managing director of toleman holdings ltd.

"INFINIUMINSIGHTS are an exceptional lateral thinkers. They have the ability to understand complex issues and develop innovative and creative solutions. Their expertise in strategic planning, operations management, negotiations and team building were invaluable.

david korobkin

consultant, branding & marketing strategist

David directed the design of the Lexus logo- the second-most recognizable automobile logo in the world. His clients have included Walt Disney, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, and numerous privately-held and Fortune rated companies.

"INFINIUMINSIGHTS are known as the go-to-guys, when the impossible must be accomplished quickly. In the 24 years I’ve worked with INFINIUMINSIGHTS, they have consistently met or exceeded expectations of the Board of Directors, regardless of how impossible situation once appeared. Their “impossible” accomplishments include turning around companies having either lost market share due to neglect, a better mouse trap or have suffered from internal mismanagement. I have observed and on occasion supported their problem-solving practices in a variety of situations, and have successfully applied their process to my consulting practice….INFINIUMINSIGHTS understands that a company or product achieves ownership of brandspace by correctly doing what has never been done….I cannot think of a market segment that would not benefit from INFINIUMINSIGHTS’s track record of significant accomplishments and the magic they bring to the table.”

Southern California franchisor

“We retained INFINIUMINSIGHTS to help prevent a hostile takeover of our company. They worked tirelessly helping us and were so helpful in so many other areas that when their contract expired, we hired one of the principals to be temporary CEO of our company. With INFINIUMINSIGHTS’s work ethic, knowledge & experience, they are a tremendous resource to any who would seek their services.”