New strategies and process require total employee 'buy-in' if they are to be implemented successfully in a timely manner. We will create your change management strategy to communicate your vision and empower your organization to embrace and achieve the vision. Tantamount to any successful change management strategy are measurable results of successful implementation for which employees can be acknowledged, and management can measure the level of success of the change.

Organizational Change Management is characterized by a shift in attitudes and behaviors in people to adopt and embrace the new company vision, strategy, or new process.

Although Organizational Change Management is usually necessary in mergers and acquisitions, it is usually necessary in turnaround, workout, and bankruptcy situations, and high growth and expansion plans. It is often necessary for the company to adjust to changing competitive and market conditions.

INFINIUMINSIGHTS is experienced in developing Change Management Strategies in a range of industries for small business and multi-national organizations.

change management

'culture eats strategy for breakfast"

Peter Drucker, Management Guru

Successful implementation of a organizational realignment, new strategy, or process is dependent on cultural acceptance. Organizations, like people, resist change. It is the cultural resistance that has lead to the failure of implementing some of the best strategies or processes.

We often find great strategies or process changes were abandoned. When we hear "we tried that and it didn't work." Our first questions are, "How did you try to do it?" and 'Why didn't it work?" Often it is because implementation was not guided by a Change Management Strategy.






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