Business Transformation is an umbrella term for making fundamental change in the way a business operates. The need for transformation may be caused by external forces such as a shift in the market, products and services becoming outdated, a change in funding or revenue streams, new regulations, or more intense competition.

Transformation is achieved by realigning the organizations structure, processes, and use of technology.

The first step toward transformation is to recognize the need and commit to transforming the business. INFINIUMINSIGHTS services guide you through successful transformation by providing a fresh third party view free from company culture.

        Research & Analysis To reach your destination you must first identify your starting point by identifying what must change and how the change can

        take place.


       Organizational Design In most cases organizational realignment is necessary to facilitate and maintain required change.

       Performance Improvement Organizational and process realignment may be needed to eliminate redundancies, achieve efficiencies and

        improved customer satisfaction.

       Strategic & Business Planning Develop a S.M.A.R.T. Comprehensive Strategic & Business Plan that provides the ‘road map’ to achieve short,

        medium, and long term objectives of transformation and your organization’s vision.

       Plan Facilitation Transformation requires total ‘buy-in’ of the plan by the entire organization which is better achieved through our

       S.M.A.R.T. Planning Facilitation Service to guide your staff through the plan development process.

       Change Management “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” Peter Drucker, Management Guru

       Simply put, the best plan, strategy, and management mandates are negated by organizational culture. A common human trait is to resist change. 

       Transformation cannot be totally realized unless the plan includes managing culture change to overcome staff resistance and achieve total 'buy-in' 

       of your strategy. Business Turnaround Business turnaround does not apply solely to distressed companies.

       Interim C-Level If necessary, we can provide interim C-Level services to manage your turnaround/transformation strategy.

Key milestones in transformation include:

  • Analysis and evaluation to determine what must change,
  • Developing a comprehensive S.M.A.R.T. Strategic and Business Plan that presents a clear vision of a better future with a detailed realignment and tactical implementation and timing plan, and
  • Change management to insure the organization cannot move back to the way it operated.

INFINIUMINSIGHTS provides the following services to assist and guide you through the business transformation process:






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