Our mission

InfiniumInsights Business Consulting Group’s mission is to help all entrepreneurs succeed so they can create jobs, grow economies, offer customers better products and services, and realize help their employees and themselves their goals enjoying exceptional personal satisfaction. 

why we are in business

• To help entrepreneurs succeed, make dreams come true, and impact people’s lives for the better.

• To be a transforming influence in the success and growth of the people and businesses we serve, employ, and partner —through our commitment to our core values: Balance, Achievement, Integrity, Results, and Excellence.

Dan Brown, Founder & CEO InfiniumInsights Business Consulting Group

The testimonials affirm clients' acknowledgement of his proficiency in: identifying technology applications for operational and transactional solutions, his expertise in strategic and business planning, operations management, and negotiations. As well as, his expertise in managing complex projects, and multi-location operations, and his ability to understand complex issues and develop innovative and creative solutions. 

our promises

•We Honor your goals and remain present with and for you.We have the greatest respect for those who have the courage to start and grow their business. Everything we do is in accordance with our Guiding Principles and Mission to help you succeed.

•We Deliver Quality. 
•We Are a Team. Our mindset is we are on your team and our perspective is that we are part of the business.

When the fit is right we will refer prospective clients and collaborative partners to you, even long after our engagement is completed.

•We value your time. Our role is to perform our roles in a timely manner and to free you to get on with starting and building your business.

.•We Are Efficient. 

•We define our role(s), responsibilities, and timelines. We deliver.

•We utilize technology to collaborate and connect in real-time to provide world-class services at a lower cost eliminating the high cost of travel and on-site visits.

Of course, when our client's needs require, we provide on-site services.

Remote working is not new to us.
•We are strategic. We balance the urgency of now and the long term strategic view of building equity value over time.

•We will call on our operational and executive experience to help you identify new opportunities for revenue, new markets, products, and services. 

InfiniumInsights Business Consulting Group

©Dan Brown 2020

What Really Matters

.Experienced based solutions, not academic theories, deliver tangible results. Our executive and management experience enables us to view client needs from actual experience and to identify real solutions that deliver tangible results.

dan brown, founder & ceo

Dan Brown is a seasoned consultant with multi-national experience in a wide range of industry sectors. Every client receives his personal attention. Following his tenure as an executive with a New York Stock Exchange company he became an independent consultant in 1986. 

Dan is experienced in startup, growth, and turnaround situations focusing on profit and customer service through best-in-industry practices.

about us

We help entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses become more successful. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs successfully start, grow and save their companies since 1986.
As our founder, Dan Brown, says “If you want to start it, grow it, or save it we can help.”We accomplish this by providing experienced based services including expertly identifying and pursuing new opportunities, developing and creating research based bespoke (custom) strategic & business plans, licensing, raising capital, securing finance, and business turnaround strategies and implementation, we provide experienced interim C-level executives when needed.

how we do it

• Conduct ourselves in all areas of business and life that reflects our commitment to and trust in God, through faith in His Word and according to His direction for our lives and purpose for our business.
Though our corporate culture is to reflect these principles in all business activities, our commitment is to engage in business with companies and institutions across a variety of cultures, beliefs, and principles — inclusive of those that may differ from our own.
• Develop strategic alliances with key collaborative partners that possess vision and mission aligned with our own.
• Constant innovation of our business objectives to consistently produce and deliver unique, services that improve the capabilities and bottom-line results for our customers.
• Securing new business and retaining existing clients centered on building relationships, high-quality customer service, and consistently delivering the best services.

• Partner with the most qualified, self-motivated people with vision for innovation and growth, who contribute to our team-centric culture, and possess a transparent and collaborative work ethic.

Guiding principles

Everything we do will be in accordance with our Guiding Principles:
Integrity:  ensure all operations are conducted with the highest ethical standards
Innovation:  Remain open to new ideas, methods, and technologies which facilitate long term success
Resourcefulness:  Cultivate a spirit of enterprise and self-reliance
Strategic Discipline:  Never lose sight of long-term objectives
Community Respect:  Be a positive force for all stakeholders in communities in which we operate
Perseverance:  Commitment to completion of all objectives